Why do I treat differently than other massage therapists?

I have been asked this question many times. One part of the answer is that massage therapy is a wonderfully diverse profession. Therapists can follow their interests in continuing education. They can focus their practices on different types of clients. They can work in many different types of settings. They can be employees or independent contractors or business owner/operators.

Massage therapist ‘A’ may work in a physiotherapy clinic, specializing in rehabilitation for people who have had motor vehicle accidents. Then therapist ‘B’ works in a multidisciplinary clinic focusing on athletes -training and recovery from injury.  Meanwhile therapist ‘C’ is at a day spa doing mud wraps and couples relaxation massages. Therapist ‘D’ works in a small town and has the whole community to treat.

I work in a Naturopathic clinic and treat people who are open to a wider range of health choices.

Another part of the answer is the reading, and training workshops that MT’s pursue. Anything from rapid adhesion release, Indian head massage, NKT, gua sha and on and on… I chose myofascial release. Suikodo, Reiki, spirituality …about 60 or more things.

Imagine that the two year massage therapy programme is like learning English. It’s a good language. Lots of people speak it. You can have a great career speaking English.  This is how I started. Over time however, I noticed that when I was with people, I heard other languages. I started learning other languages and could work well with them. I began to feel more comfortable and more effective when I used some of these other languages. I was inspired to study some languages in even more depth. Now I speak many languages and can be helpful in them.

In other words, I listen to clients’ stories, emotions, body, spirit and energy and use what works best for us together to reach a health goal.