Monica Perry, BA, M Div, RMT

Monica Perry, BA, M Div, RMT

Massage Therapist

Monica is a Massage Therapist, Teacher, Spiritual Director, Myofascial Therapist and Suikodo Master. She has studied, practised and taught integrative healing for more than twenty years. She creates individualized treatments blending emotional and spiritual awareness with Eastern and Western approaches. Monica is a compassionate healer who believes that her role is to facilitate clients’ abilities to heal themselves.

Monica studied Anthropology and Theology at University of Western Ontario in London. Her massage therapy training was at the then sole campus of Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy. She had a practice in Haliburton County and taught at CMMH. Moving to Halifax in 1998, Monica has been teaching at Northumberland College ever since. Since 2007, she has been creating and teaching graduate level continuing education courses for Massage Therapists.

Reiki is a collective term for a family of similar healing forms, the most common of which is Usui Shiki Ryoho. It traces its modern incarnation from the teachings of Usui-sensei, a doctor, teacher, and Buddhist monk from 19th century Japan.

Like other Eastern systems, it has the premise of energy flow in the body. In Japan it is termed ki; in China and Korea qi or chi; in India prana. It is thought that blocked energy flow causes illness and free flowing ki creates wellness. Acupuncture uses needles to clear blockages. Shiatsu uses thumb and finger pressure. Reiki has a simpler approach. The therapist acts a a conduit to increase the amount and focus of ki entering the body.

Energy/ki is entering the body all the time. It changes with illness, emotional states and other variables.  The main entry ways are called gateways or chakras and the energy is dispersed throughout the body via nadis/meridians. Thus ki is distributed to the whole body in a way that is similar to how blood is circulated everywhere.

Try this analogy. Imagine you are standing in a light rain to wash. You get generally wet. This is regular ki coming into you. Having a Reiki treatment is like having a power sprayer directed at the specifically dirty (blocked) areas. It feels gentler than it sounds.

Treatments are conducted with you clothed, lying on the back and then on the front. Her hands are lightly placed on your body moving from head to feet. A general routine has hand placement on the head torso, knees and feet. When blockages are found, she may spend more time in that specific place. You may feel heat from my hands. Other sensation may be cool, tingly, waves, letting go of tension, emotions, colours or other possible reactions. You will switch from sympathetic (fight,flight,freeze) to parasympathetic (rest,digest). This will result in a deep relaxation response, possibly even briefly sleeping.

Monica practises a style of spiritual help that is rooted in the Celtic tradition of Anam Cara which means soul friend. She is not an authority figure or intermediary. She is a fellow seeker and traveller. She listens and creates space for you to explore the questions of your spirit. She does not give answers but will support you in finding some. She can offer wisdom and spiritual practices from many different cultures and traditions; while helping you to find the ones which resonate with you. She embraces the sacred spiral from Celtic and Native traditions; meaning that each person is moving through the spiral vortex of learning and growth in her/his own way. Each deserves compassion and support not judgment or pity.

She would be honoured to offer you support, space and compassion on your spiral journey of growth, meaning and deep spiritual connection.

Monica is a Cat lover aka Crazy cat lady! She has four cats Pomona, Chewie, Shadow and Simon. Her favourite form of relaxation is to curl up with kitties, tea and a good book. She favours cosy mysteries, fantasy and scifi.

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