Monica Perry, BA, M Div, RMT

Monica Perry, BA, M Div, RMT

Massage Therapist

Monica is a Massage Therapist, Teacher, Spiritual Director, Myofascial Therapist and Suikodo Master. She has studied, practised and taught integrative healing for more than twenty years. She creates individualized treatments blending emotional and spiritual awareness with Eastern and Western approaches. Monica is a compassionate healer who believes that her role is to facilitate clients’ abilities to heal themselves.

Monica studied Anthropology and Theology at University of Western Ontario in London. Her massage therapy training was at the then sole campus of Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy. She had a practice in Haliburton County and taught at CMMH. Moving to Halifax in 1998, Monica has been teaching at Northumberland College ever since. Since 2007, she has been creating and teaching graduate level continuing education courses for Massage Therapists.

Monica is a Cat lover aka Crazy cat lady! She has four cats Pomona, Chewie, Shadow and Simon. Her favourite form of relaxation is to curl up with kitties, tea and a good book. She favours cosy mysteries, fantasy and scifi.

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