This latest lockdown has felt like the most difficult one. At least for me and my family – but also for so many others that I talk to. In times of stress it is our adrenal glands that respond to keep us going.

Adrenal glands mostly produce adrenaline and cortisol. Adrenaline is produced when we are running away from an immediate threat. Cortisol is produced in times where the stress becomes more long term. It is the cortisol that keeps us going. Our adrenal glands start to falter when the stress goes on for too long and we start to show symptoms.

Some of these symptoms include – brain fog, fatigue or nervous energy, diminished memory, weight gain, poor sleep or needing to sleep too much, increased depression and/or anxiety and so many more!

I personally have learned that before the pandemic I lived at the edge of my accepted stress level. The pandemic has put me over that edge. I expect it has put many over the edge. I’ve needed to support my adrenal glands like never before – while also changing my expectations for myself. I am definitely a work in progress!

What can you do? Make sure to eat protein – especially in the morning. This will support your cortisol output throughout the day. Minimize refined sugar – but consume forms of natural sugar if you are craving them. Make sure to have salt in your diet – Kosher or sea salt where possible. The adrenal glands need salt to thrive. Have your coffee and caffeine before 10am – any coffee after that time asks for too much output from your adrenal glands. Be gentle in your exercise – walk, hike, stretch, do yoga and pilates. If you feel great after running or HIIT workouts do them – but make sure they aren’t every day and if you don’t feel good after/during don’t do them.

Check your deficiencies – if you typically have B12, iron, magnesium or vitamin D deficiencies now is the time to make sure they are being supported. If you have been or are on adrenal support – go back to it or continue.

Go easy on yourself. You might not get your entire house decluttered or do the course you’ve been thinking about. You will have food cravings. You will have days that you are extremely upset. Now is the time for deep breathing, meditation and gratitude practices.

If you feel that you still need more support, contact the office. We can offer other supports such as supplements, Suikodo massage and bowen therapy (for more information on either please visit our website). As things start to open up again and we are cautiously optimistic please remember to support yourself as best you can!