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Have questions about the services that Natural Choices Health Care offers and how we deliver them? Here are some answers.

What Is Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is a system of medicine that understands that the body has the ability to heal itself if given the proper environment.

It uses a mixture of both ancient and modern diagnostic techniques to piece together a person’s situation and to develop a comprehensive treatment plan. These techniques include: thorough patient history and physical examination, blood work, special laboratory testing, Chinese tongue and pulse diagnosis, homeopathic intake, orthopedic testing, etc.

ND’s specialize in prevention and treatment of both acute and chronic illness using non-invasive treatment modalities and life management.

Treatment is very individualized and can consist of dietary counseling, botanical medicine, chiropractic adjustments, massage, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy and supplementation.

Is All Massage Therapy The Same?

Fortunately in the world of massage therapy there are many different styles and approaches and many practitioners who specialize. So a couple of styles that are different are sports massage-quite vigourous deep tissue- performance oriented and spa day soothing, light- music,oils, wraps scrubs -spoiling yourself oriented.

Monica’s style is different again. She has an integrated therapeutic approach focused on the facilitation of healing in a client’s body, mind and spirit. She provides individualized treatments to optimally support a client gain their healing goals. Most clients remain clothed. She does not use oils. She likes clients to be warm and comfortable on the treatment table with pillows and blankets.

The techniques Monica uses are generally light and gentle but have deep and far reaching effect. She encourages clients to consider or share the possible emotional and spiritual aspects of their healing circumstances. We begin with the physical; usually pain, stiffness, difficulty moving and work to diminish or resolve these before considering deeper healing. Sometimes we stay with solely the physical symptoms as the client needs.

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