Derrick McEachern, RCT, CCC

Derrick McEachern

Registered Counselling Therapist

Derrick McEachern, RCT, CCC is a Registered Counselling Therapist with the Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists and a Canadian Certified Counsellor. He has a Masters of Education in Counselling from Acadia University, a B.Ed., and a BA in Psychology.

After teaching for 6 years at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong, Derrick returned to Canada to focus on preventing and treating mental health problems. As a professional counsellor, Derrick has spent 10 years working with the Nova Scotia Community College, and additionally has done work with the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board and Acadia University.

Derrick uses mindfulness-based, cognitive-behavioral approach to counselling therapy and Career Counselling. His compassionate, holistic approach examines how different areas of life contribute healing and improving mental health and well-being. Derrick has also worked extensively with people dealing with life and work transitions, unemployment, and career development and planning.

Derrick enjoys learning to cook new healthy recipes, travelling to new places, and spending time playing or coaching sports. He especially likes spending time with friends, family and loved ones, especially his son Jaden, and daughter Ella.


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