Angela-Rae Sollows enjoys working with teens. She is the mom of a teen and knows the pressures that teens can go through. Acupuncture uses the same principles, no matter the age. In teens, the flow of energy through meridians is addressed as it would be with anyone else.

Because hormones are changing so much in the teenage years the liver is impacted. This means that toxins (perhaps from McDonald’s or Tim Horton’s) get stuck and build up. Flushing these toxins out is important to mental health and coping with stress. Teens report alleviation of or decrease in stress, less feelings of anxiety and an increase in feelings of calm and happiness after acupuncture treatment.

Many teens report being apprehensive of the needles when they think about acupuncture but that passes after the first treatment when they realize there is no pain and that they feel better. Because the energy/Qi of a teenager is strong they usually respond quickly. Acupuncture can offer a medication free alternative to coping with mental health struggles. It can also be used as an adjunct to support a teenager who is taking medication for anxiety or depression. It can be challenging to take something daily, acupuncture offers an alternative with weekly, biweekly or monthly treatments, depending on the concern.